A WordPress plugin

Wonkasoft's WP Jam Session is a plugin that will increase your analytical leverage. Use WP Jam Session to automatically fill in referrals, sales representative IDs, or any additional personalized tags. You can track what you want, how you want it.


WP Jam Session will fill in the data automatically, even if the prospect leaves the landing page for browsing other pages on your site or leaves the site and comes back. The data will be called when needed. It's a fast, easy, and beautiful way to capture and track data on your landing, squeeze, or checkout pages.

How WP Jam Session Works:
  • Set the URL parameter
  • Parameter values: Load up to 5
  • Type of form: Contact Form7 etc.
  • Input field id
  • Session termination time: end session
That's it get started loading your forms. Oh yeah, did I mention it's free!

WP Jam Session is a quick way for you to take your analytical data to another level in that you can now quickly create a link that has your own custom parameter and value so that when prospects come to your page through one of your links a session will start and the parameter and value will be stored for the session. The beauty of this is that you can have WP Jam Session place the value from the parameter link automatically into a field on your desired form. Just set the form field ID into your WP Jam Session settings and since the variable is stored with the session the prospect can leave your site or browse your site and the stored value will still be used when it is needed.

Custom session variables load into your WP Forms directly from your URL parameters. Values can be "jammed" into any form and any field on the form by using the form field ID within WP Jam Session settings page. This can help in tracking email sign ups and other creative marketing scenarios.

WooCommerce Support
  • Load session variables directly into your billing form via add_filter.
  • Add new custom fields to WooCommerce billing form with your favorite plugins like WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor(Manager) Pro
  • Then go into the WP Jam Session settings and select WooCommerce under "form type" Then create your link and it will all be set for when a prospect come through one of your links to automatically Jam the value into the form when the time comes.