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What Is cliXplit?

Do you like missing opportunities if you know they’re there and you are fully capable of seizing them? Of course not. Every time your visitors click on a link from anything you’re marketing online, whether it’s an article reviewing an affiliate product, a “No Thanks” button at the bottom of a sales page or just an internal back link for your blog’s SEO, there is an opportunity for more clicks. And up until now, with the exception of a very few elite who really know what they’re doing, this opportunity is missed.

Every. Single. Time. Every time someone attempts to leave your website, there are at least two opportunities for more clicks. Every new page your visitors open is a new opportunity. And all these opportunities have been blissfully ignored under the assumption that “there’s nothing more I can do.”In the past, maximizing clicks meant implementing intrusive techniques like pop­overs, pop­unders, slide­in advertisements, littering your site with banners, interstitials, obnoxious video ads and plenty of other non­pleasant gimmicks that only ended up turning your visitors away from otherwise valuable content. It wasn’t streamlined and it sure as hell wasn’t user­friendly. With cliXplit, all this changes today. From here on out, maximizing visitor clicks is smooth, covert and practically undetectable. Not to mention, it no longer scares your valued traffic away.

cliXplit is a first­of­its­kind WordPress Plugin that is designed to maximize visitor clicks by up to 300% while on site. The way cliXplit does this is with a simple tweak to your hyperlinks. The core of cliXplit is an elegantly covert function. This means that, while you get real, targeted eyeballs on your most valued URLs, affiliate links, articles and sites, most visitors will have no idea what’s happening, or that anything is happening at all. This is extremely important when it comes to user experience and engagement. In simple terms, cliXplit is a maximizer of traffic. Every online entrepreneur who uses cliXplit will experience up to a 300% increase in their traffic’s click activity. That’s without sacrificing user experience or implementing obnoxious, spammy techniques.

cliXplit introduces a new metric into the IM space: Traffic Optimization; or making the most of your traffic. cliXplit comes complete with everything you need straight out of the box to begin increasing your visitor clicks immediately.And in case there’s any confusion what­so­ever, it comes with built­in video tutorials so you can learn on­the­fly, the best ways to use this powerful WordPress Plugin.


How Does cliXplit Work?

Special Features of cliXplit:
When you invest in your copy of cliXplit today, you’re getting full access to the cliXplit Core WordPress Plugin which includes all of the following powerful

  • The cliXplit Core URL Enhancer
  • cliXplit Core Exit Detection & Redirect Technology
  • Complementary Exit­Pop Alert Redirect
  • The cliXplit Core Mobile URL Enhancer
  • Clean, Intuitive User Interface for Ease of Use
  • “No­brainer” One­Click URL Enhancement Options
  • Easy Page/Post­Level Exit Redirect Options
  • Quick & Easy New User Tutorials, Tips & Resources
  • Built­In Customer/Tech Support and New Feature Suggestion
  • With cliXplit, you now have the chance to:
  • Seamlessly open 2 separate links simultaneously
  • Choose any two links to open on a single click
  • Designate which page you want a visitor to see first
  • Multiply your visitor clicks by up to 300%
  • Split test several offers on the same visitor
  • Send 1 visitor to 2 different solo/advertising clients
  • Gain the upper hand on your Click competitors
  • Serve multiple clientele all at once
  • Maximize attention on your funnel pages
  • Add a new powerful factor to all your traffic campaigns
  • Increase your website CPM and/or CPC
  • Experiment with entirely new Marketing Strategies
  • Detect exits and take advantage of lost interest


Dash - Global Campaigns

Clixplit increases visitor clicks by 300%+ while keeping your site classy.


  • (auto)Bloggers
  • Solo Ad Vendors
  • Content Marketers
  • Solo Ad Marketers
  • CPA Marketers
  • Ad Space Vendors
  • Search Engine Marketers
  • Traffic Arbitrage
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