How to get HTTPS (SSL) on your localhost for local development with XAMPP (Protip).

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Have you been searching all over the internet for understanding how to get HTTPS (SSL) on your localhost for development on a xampp server? Quickly setup HTTPS (SSL) on your local development server now. Well hopefully this will be the last place that you need to look to get a…

The Importance of SEO in Digital Development

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Before we get to the details, we must first outline what SEO is, as despite it being a term that is consistently on the rise…, it can leave many completely confuddled. In short (like its acronym), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the generic buzzword for anything and everything relating to…

PHP Higher Order functions

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Let’s talk about functions In order (no pun intended) for me to better explain what a higher order function is I would like to share a little bit on functions. There are two kinds of functions user-defined and built-in functions. built-in functions are core PHP or platform define such as…

Job Opening: Junior Web Developer

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Job type: Full time Wages: Based on experience Summary Wonkasoft is ready to help you grow as a software developer – even if you do not have a lot of programming experience. The team includes some remote staff, but this position is full-time and located in Moreno Valley, California. This…

Wonka Slide

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New release of a recent blog slider plugin Demo Slider Dashboard Settings Page Download here


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Coming Soon What Is cliXplit? Do you like missing opportunities if you know they’re there and you are fully capable of seizing them? Of course not. Every time your visitors click on a link from anything you’re marketing online, whether it’s an article reviewing an affiliate product, a “No Thanks”…

WP Jam Session

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Wonkasoft’s WP Jam Session is a plugin that will increase your analytical leverage. Use WP Jam Session to automatically fill in referrals, sales representative IDs, or any additional personalized tags. You can track what you want, how you want it.   WP Jam Session will fill in the data automatically,…